• The recipe ideas here should be used in conjunction with and not as a replacement for the advice of your physician, swallowing therapist, and/or dietician.
    • You may need to adjust recipes to attain the consistency that is right for the individual who will be eating the food.
    • Many of these recipes are most suitable for
      • NDD Level 2: Dysphagia-Mechanical Altered (cohesive, moist, semisolid foods, requiring some chewing).
      • NDD Level 3: Dysphagia-Advanced (soft foods that require more chewing ability).
    • If the person you are feeding is NDD Level 1 [Dysphagia-Pureed (homogenous, very cohesive, pudding-like, requiring very little chewing ability)], some of these recipes may not be suitable–and you should coordinate carefully with your physician, swallowing therapist, and/or dietician..
    • I do not work for any of the companies whose brands may be mentioned in the postings.
    • To the best of my knowledge, any image that I did not produce myself is freely available under Creative Commons Licensing.

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