Puréed Fruit–Beyond Applesauce

Puréed fruit is tasty and healthy for dessert or for snacks. Applesauce is a quick and easy go-to fruit purée, and you can find it in one portion containers in most food stores. But there are other fruits! Click HERE … Continue reading Puréed Fruit–Beyond Applesauce

Arugula “Salad”

A nice, crispy summer lettuce salad…no way on a puréed diet. And puréed lettuce of any kind just doesn’t sound good to me. Then I thought of arugula. It is packed with flavor and isn’t too watery. And it makes a really good pesto! So what about a raw arugula purée à la pesto (to mix Romance languages). Ditch the nuts, but keep a touch of garlic, cut down on the olive oil, and add a touch of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This turned out OK! It was good with slices of tomato gelée and ham loaf for a cold … Continue reading Arugula “Salad”

Tomato Gelée

What to do? It’s summer. It’s hot. My Dad loves tomatoes. How can I serve them cold–and not as a sauce or a soup? [Puréed Gazpacho recipe coming soon!] Gelatin must be the answer. But all the recipes either lack real tomato oomph, like the various recipes for Tomato Aspic that are based on tomato juice, tomato sauce, or V-8 Juice. [Click HERE for a classic version.] Other versions of Tomato Gelée sound lovely–types of deconstructed tomatos (as this site with a nice recipe and image puts it) with the tomatoes puréed and drained to create a light-greenish tomato water. … Continue reading Tomato Gelée

Hollandaise Sauce

Lemony, buttery Hollandaise Sauce is delicious on many things. For example, it is great on Fish Quenelles (and is a way to use up that extra egg yolk!). Or if you have Ham Loaf on hand, serve it with soft-scrambled eggs, topping them both with the Hollandaise to make a dish reminiscent of Eggs Benedict. A poached egg served on puréed spinach or asparagus is nice blanketed in Hollandaise too! Ina Garten has a great recipe for a one-yolk blender Hollandaise: Click HERE. She also has one for a two-yolk blender Hollandaise: Click HERE. Continue reading Hollandaise Sauce